About Garyeannna Alpacas

Badgers Farm

Badgers Farm lies in many acres of excellent grazing land about 8 miles north-west of Milton Keynes on the outskirts of the village of Cosgrove. We fell in love with the idea of keeping alpacas after moving to here a few years ago and knew we had the space and land quality to keep a large herd. Sue has been a keen knitter from an early age with a passion for different wools and yarns, so it seemed natural that we would one day raise the animals that produce the finest wool in the world. From only 12 females, we are building our herd thoughtfully so they have strong uniform genetics resulting in superior fleece characteristics, conformation and temperament.

The Garyeannna Alpacas

We are passionate about the welfare of our animals, which is why you'll find nothing but happy healthy alpacas on our farm. Our herd is a mix of white, fawn, medium brown, chocolate brown and black colours and all of our animals are registered with British Alpaca Society (BAS).

Garyeannna Alpacas