We're very fond of all of our girls, but the time has come to find some of them new homes. All of them are beautiful and have shown us time and again they can produce the most exquisite crias. Some are maidens while others are proven mothers of show winners. Occasionally we also part with pregnant females and females with crias at foot.

Whether you want to start your own herd or increase your existing one, we can help you find excellent breeding females without blowing your budget. Prices reflect many different factors including:

  • Age
  • Colour
  • Fibre quality
  • Pregnancy status
  • Sire to whom she was mated

If you've never bought alpacas before and are not sure what you're looking for, Garyeannna Alpacas runs a course called 'Choosing your Alpacas' for prospective owners who want to learn more about what makes a great alpaca.

Click here for details of the females we have for sale at the moment. However, things can change quickly so it's always worth giving us a call first to make sure they're still available before you fall in love with one of them!

Garyeannna Alpacas