Stud males

Why selectively breed alpacas?

The aim of selective breeding is to ensure that each successive alpaca generation has a higher quality fleece than its mother (dam), excellent conformation, desirable temperament and stronger, more uniform genetics so subsequent offspring are of a consistent and predictable quality. This is vital if we are to meet demands from the fashion industry for consistent, high quality alpaca fleeces.

Despite a healthy growing alpaca market, there is still not enough supply to satisfy demand in Europe, Taiwan and far eastern developing markets. Peru and Bolivia don't have the grazing lands on the altiplano to significantly increase their stock by what is needed and there are limitations on the number of animals that can be exported, not to mention complex quarantine issues. It's up to dedicated producers and breeders in Europe, the USA and Australia to increase the stock and meet demand.

What studs does Garyeannna Alpacas have?

We have access to a variety of different studs, all exceptional quality, so there is no problem finding one that best compliments each of your females. In addition, we'll give you honest advice and support all the way through the process.

Wessex Cosmos

We are delighted to be able to offer the stud services of Wessex Cosmos, a solid white Huacaya male that has won numerous awards since his birth in 2001 including:

wessex cosmos

  • Winner of the progeny class, BAS National Show 2006
  • Winner of the progeny class, Royal Bath and West Show 2005
  • Winner of the progeny class, East of England Show 2005
  • Winner of the progeny class, Royal Show 2005
  • Supreme Champion, BAS National Show 2002

Wessex Cosmos is available to stud at our farm at selected times during the breeding season.

We are also delighted to have a number of well-known males belonging to other breeders that regularly visit during the season

Stud Services at Garyeannna Alpacas

There are three stud options to choose from:

  • Full board
    • You bring your female, and cria if she has one, to stay with us on a full board basis and we will pair her with the stud of your choice. After her pregnancy has been established, we will monitor her carefully until 60 days after her last service and then perform an ultrasound scan for final confirmation and due date before she goes home.
  • Drive-by
    • You book a time to bring your female to the farm and she is paired with the stud of your choice while you wait. She then returns home with you immediately after. Spit–offs and pregnancy confirmation will be your responsibility.
  • Mobile mating
    • We arrange a time to visit you with a choice of studs and either stay until all matings are complete or return on a regular basis. Spit–offs and pregnancy confirmation are then your responsibility. Please note, all travel is charged at 40p per mile.
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